How will an increase in tuition fees impact your future at MUN and in Newfoundland & Labrador? Share your story!
In response to post-secondary funding cuts in the provincial budget, and the province’s lifting of the tuition freeze for international and graduate students, Memorial University President Gary Kachanoski is moving quickly and aggressively to raise tuition fees on students for the coming year. 

It’s imperative that students respond quickly and vocally to these proposals which will seriously intensify the financial barriers and other hardships faced by students in pursuing a post-secondary education. The proposals also have far-reaching implications for the province’s economic and demographic future. Most importantly, they threaten the values of equity, accessibility and quality on which our student movement is built. Fill out this form to share your experiences and concerns, to send a loud and clear message to the university and to the provincial government, and to help save accessible, quality post-secondary education in this province!
Share your story!
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Thanks! Your story is useful for presenting to Government, the University, and the Public about the impact of raising tuition fees. If you want to do more to help, join our STOP THE FEE HIKES! Townhall on Thursday May 14 at 6:00PM, sign up for our mailing list, and help spread the word!

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