MUNSU Impact Award
Application Form Winter 2018
The Impact Award application is now open. Applications received will be considered once at approx. the first week of March 2018.
Please note the terms of reference for MUNSU's Impact Award:

i. An Impact Award shall be defined as an award to a club, society, or resource centre of MUNSU in recognition of their efforts to undertake systemic, outcome-oriented social change work, and to examine their initiatives with critical and divergent thinking. Awards should not directly offset the operational costs of an event or initiative but instead provide groups with funding to build the group’s capacity.
ii. An Impact Award may not exceed $1000 per award but it may be less.
iii. Applicants for Impact Awards must be submitted by the Award submission deadline of four weeks before the final scheduled Campaigns committee meeting of the semester.
iv. Applications for Impact Awards must answer all questions and provide all documentation requested in the application form.
v. Impact Awards shall be distributed evenly throughout the financial year of the Students’ Union, such that all available funding of the Award is not consumed before the end of the final semester.

First name: *

Last name: *

Student number: *

Phone number: *

E.g., 7098647633
Club, Society, or Resource Centre: *

In completing and submitting this application, you certify that: *

-  is a currently ratified group of the MUN Students' Union.
-  has not received an Impact Award yet this semester.
Project title: *

This is just a label to help us identify this application.
Location of the project: *

Date of the project: *

Number of students participating: *

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Number of non-students participating: *

The Initiative

What is the issue that this initiative (or your group in general) is trying to address? Why? *

Please be as descriptive as possible.
What is the goal of this initiative?   I.E., if this initiative is successful, what does the outcome look like? *

Be as specific as possible!
What resources and strengths does your group have that will help you work towards this goal? *

(These can be both tangible [e.g., “We’ve fundraised $500” or intangible “we have a very close-knit community”).
What resources or strengths do you not have? *

I.E., what support do you need in order to achieve this goal?
Please upload the system map(s) of the social change issue this initiative is addressing. *

Not sure what these things are?  See the Guide to the Impact Award:
Please upload the impact chain(s) of the social change issue this initiative is addressing. *

Not sure what these things are? See the Guide to the Impact Award:

After completing a system map and examining your impact chain, is this initiative the most effective action your group can take?  Why?  Or if not, why is it important to take this action now? *

Are there other ideas that were produced by the process of mapping the system/examining your impact?  What are they? *

How do you plan on evaluating whether or not the initiative is successful? *

If the initiative were to fail, what does failure look like? *

Funding requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis until all funding is expended. These funding requests are administered by the Funding Committee of the MUN Students' Union. *

By submitting this application, you acknowledge, understand, and agree that not all requests that meet the established criteria can be approved due to limited funds and the popularity of the Impact Award.

You certify that it is your responsibility to ensure that your application is complete and meets the funds' terms and conditions. Further, you certify that the information within is true and accurate.

Inaccurate or missing information may result in your application being rejected.
In order to share the incredible stories of our students and their achievements, we want to learn more about your project. We require this in order for your group to be eligible for future Impact Awards. *

You will submit a short essay, photos, videos, or another multimedia piece about the conference to after the project. This content can be shared by the MUN Students' Union to foster engagement and community at Memorial.

You acknowledge, understand, and agree that failure to submit an activity report such as those described above may prevent you from being eligible for future Special Project Grants.
That's it! Check your email for a confirmation. If you didn't get one, check your spam folder. If you still didn't get one, contact us to ask if something went wrong.

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