Individual Merit Fund
Application Form Winter 2018
The application for the Winter 2018 semester is now open. Applications received will be considered at the end of January 2018.
Please note the terms of reference for MUNSU's Individual Merit Fund:

a. An Individual Merit Fund (IMF) shall be defined as a grant awarded to a member of MUNSU to offset expenses involved in an activity for which they have been chosen to participate in, or otherwise merits attendance on the basis that it relates to their course of studies or involvement in some extra-curricular activity. An IMF shall not exceed $100 per applicant.
b. If a member requests an IMF to offset expenses of an academic program which will entitle them to academic credit at Memorial University, that academic program must take place outside of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and must not take place at a Memorial University campus (i.e. St. John’s, Corner Brook, St. Pierre, or Harlow).
c. An IMF shall not be awarded to offset the expenses of a student work term.
d. Electives and selectives offered by the Faculty of Medicine are not to be considered equivalent to work terms.
e. All applicants for IMFs must be submitted during the same semester as the event for which funding is requested. Each application must invlude supporting documentation such as a brochure on the event, a website address or an acceptance letter.
f. Where there are a number of students participating in one event, MUNSU will grant IMFs to a maximum of $500 per event. This funding shall be divided equally amongst applicants requesting funding as per this procedure.
g. IMFs and Special Project Grants will not be awarded for the same event.
h. An IMF shall not be awarded to offset the costs involved for such tests as, but not limited to, the LSAT, GMAT, MCAT, or any costs associated with such academic items.
i. Failure to submit receipts or other documentation indicating attendance at the approved event by the end of the appropriate semester will invalidate that individual’s right to apply for an IMF in the following semester.
j. Students shall only be eligible for one (1) IMF per semester.
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In completing and submitting this application, you certify that: *

- You are currently an undergraduate student at Memorial University.
- You have not previously received Individual Merit Funding this semester.
- This activity relates to your personal or professional development in an extra- or co-curricular capacity.
- You are not requesting this funding to offset the costs of a work term, or an elective or selective of the Faculty of Medicine.
- You are not requesting this funding to offset the costs of applications (e.g., application fees for graduate school), interviews (e.g., interviews for placements or positions), or tests (e.g., the LSAT, GMAT, or MCAT).
Request type: *

Activity Title: *

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Location of activity: *

Number of students participating (that you know of): *

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Date of activity: *

Description of the activity: *

Please be as descriptive as possible. How are you involved/what is your role?
How does this activity relate to your personal and/or professional development? *

Detailed estimated expenses: *

Estimated funding from other sources: *

E.g., other grants, fundraising, sponsorship, or other group's contributions to the activity
Amount of funding requested through the Individual Merit Fund: *

(Maximum $100.00)
Funding requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis until all funding is expended. These funding requests are administered by the Funding Committee of the MUN Students' Union. *

By submitting this application, you acknowledge, understand, and agree that not all requests that meet the established criteria can be approved due to limited funds and the popularity of the Individual Merit Fund.

You certify that it is your responsibility to ensure that your application is complete and meets the funds' terms and conditions. Further, you certify that the information within is true and accurate.

Inaccurate or missing information may result in your application being rejected.
In order to share the incredible stories of our students and their achievements, we want to learn more about your activity. We require this in order for you to be eligible for future Individual Merit Funding. *

You will submit a short essay, photos, videos, or another multimedia piece about the activity I participated in to after the activity. This content can be shared by the MUN Students' Union to foster engagement and community at Memorial.

You acknowledge, understand, and agree that failure to submit an activity report such as those described above, you may not be eligible for future Individual Merit Funding.
That's it! Check your email for a confirmation. If you didn't get one, check your spam folder. If you still didn't get one, contact us to ask if something went wrong.

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