Welcome to the first-ever student led summit on Consent Culture: a provincial forum to end sexual violence on campus in Newfoundland! We are eager to begin, learn from, and work with you. // Dates: Fri, Oct 20 - Sat, Oct 21st
This form is a means of centralizing the registration process but is not FORMAL. Please look for an email from MUNSU and CFS-NL to formalize your registration.
Chosen name:

Dietary Needs:

(ie. vegetarian, vegan, halal, lactose-free, gluten-free, other allergies)
Access needs:

(ie. wheelchair access, ASL interpretation, etc.)

If residing outside the St John's Metro Area
Childcare subsidy?

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Women, Trans, Non-binary, Genderqueer, Indigenous, and/or Racialised members are prioritized for registration. All other applicants have this opportunity pending and will be contacted shortly.
Thanks for opting in to the Consent Culture Forum to end sexual violence on campus! Stay tuned for an email to formalize your registration.
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