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Recognition Form Spring 2018
Welcome! This is our official application to begin the Recognition of a brand new undergraduate student group at MUN St John's campus. Newly formed groups must undergo this process for (2) semesters (with the exception of Academic societies).

After this, a group is then eligible for full Ratification status & application.

Please note MUNSU's bylaws pertaining to student groups:

1. A Club or Society shall be defined as a group originating from interest generated in the areas of academics, politics, recreation, culture, leisure, or other commonality.
2. The operation of clubs, societies, groups, associations, or Resource Centres shall be overseen by the Student Life Committee, as per its terms of reference.

B. MEMBERSHIP  Membership in clubs and societies shall be open to all students, faculty, staff, alumni, and members of the Memorial University of Newfoundland community. Only members of the MUN Students’ Union shall have voting rights and the eligibility to sit on executives.

1. Ratification will be granted only as per [this bylaw].
2. To be eligible for ratification, groups must complete all of the following criteria:
    a. successful completion of two semesters of recognition (this regulation is waived for academic societies);
    b. submission of an application for ratification;
    c. submission of a budget for the previous year;
    d. no unresolved issues from past years with the Student Life Committee.

1. The ratification period will start in September and end in August.
    a. Ratification grants will be awarded on a yearly basis.
    b. The first allocation will be awarded in the Fall semester, the second allocation in the Winter semester, and the third allocation in the Spring semester (if eligible).
    c. The deadline for applying for ratification shall be the last day to drop classes without academic prejudice in the Fall semester.
    d. Those groups who only apply for Winter ratification must do so by the last day to drop classes without academic prejudice in the Winter semester.
2. Groups applying for ratification during the Spring semester will be eligible for half the base ratification grant, as indicated in the Special Funding Policy.

1. To operate on campus, groups must receive formal notice of ratification or recognition status at a regular meeting of the Board.
    a. Recognition
        i. Recognition shall be considered for those groups organizing on campus for the first time.
        ii. Recognized groups are eligible to apply for Recognition Grants but for no other grants or awards.
    b. Ratification
        i. Ratification implies eligibility for funding in the form of ratification grants, Special Project Grants, Impact Awards, and Conference Hosting Grants.
        ii. Groups will be subject to a two (2) semester period of recognition prior to being eligible for ratification.
2. There will be two categories of recognition and ratification, academic and non-academic.
    a. Academic Ratification will be granted to the following:
        i. Groups formed around the academic units of the University.
        ii. One society representing individual Faculties and Schools, with the exceptions noted below.
        iii. For the Faculties of Arts and Science, one society may be ratified per academic department.
        iv. For the Faculty of Business Administration, one society may be ratified for the Business Administration degree program, as well as one society for the Bachelor of Commerce program.
        v. For the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences, one society for Term A and one society for Term B.
    b. Non- Academic Recognition or Ratification will be granted to the following:
        i. Groups not based on a formal academic discipline.
        ii. Any group formed around a common interest or activity that can be shown to contribute to the university community and, in particular, student life.
3. Any club and society that for any reason operates without a constitution shall be governed by Section 8 of the MUNSU Constitution and Bylaws and the MUNSU model constitution for Clubs and Societies.
4. The MUN Students’ Union will not recognize or ratify any group that the Board of Directors considers to be of a homophobic, transphobic, racist, ageist, ableist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory or exclusionary nature.

1. Successfully ratified groups will be eligible for Base Ratification Grants, Special Project Grants, Impact Awards, Conference Hosting Grants, and Recognition Grants, as per the Special Funding Policy.

1. Residence Societies shall be eligible for funding as outlined in the special funding policy.
2. Residences and the BPSA are ineligible for Special Project Grants.
3. All residences must adhere to regular ratification deadlines.

1. The Student Life Committee reserves the right to extend the deadlines outlined in Section 11.
2. The Students’ Union reserves the right to investigate the books and activities of a club or society and revoke its ratification if violations of these by-laws or unethical practices take place.
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This Recognition Form is for new clubs & societies, who are required to complete two semesters of recognition before becoming ratified. Ratification status then allows the group to take advantage of additional resources and grants provided by the Students' Union.

If your group has previously completed the recognition process (e.g., you usually apply for ratification), you're looking instead for the Ratification form:
Is  a new group or is this your second semester of recognition? *

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If you're not sure, you should check our clubs & societies listing:
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Groups in the process of applying for recognition are eligible for a Recognition Grant to support their special projects and initiatives.

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