The Breezeway bookings are full for the fall semester. To submit an application for the booking waitlist, contact <>
Just a note that we only take bookings for our MUNSU spaces (such as the Breezeway) up to a month prior to the event!

Are you a ratified Club/ Society by MUNSU?

What is the name of your Club/ Society?

What is the date of your event?

When will the event start/end?

Is your event 19+?

How many people are you expecting to attend this event?

Will you be collecting cover at this event?

What is the purpose of this event and how does it pertain to the goals of your club/ society?

Which of the following will you require for your event?

Anything else we should know about your event?

Please provide your email or number for contact information

Thank you for submitting your request. We will be in touch once we have a chance to review your booking!
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